A Simply Complicated Time.

I host and produce TV shows in Central and Northern British Columbia, Canada. Originally from Vancouver, B.C. I have a major case of wanderlust and love animals, especially cats and corgis. Enjoy some random postings, some personal, some not. Professional Blog: http://kaiceapitts.tumblr.com/ Twitter: @KaiceaPitts
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  1. Damn, I have to wait a week to find out if I got le sweet Television job. Fingers crossed!

  2. I find out today if I get a job hosting and reporting community TV in northern British Columbia. I’m so nervous, I hope they call soon!

  3. I think I’m going to get a job hosting and producing, filming and editing TV shows up north! OMG, I’m so excited. I’m actually really confident. I find out Friday. Cross my fingers!

  4. Well, I have good news.

    I have an interview for a job I wanted-It’s a 10 hour drive away, but in a bigger city than many other jobs I’ve applied to. The guy in charge of hiring has pretty much been my mentor for at least half a year. I actually think I’ll get it.

  5. Well, I’ve applied to 5 television jobs and I’m in the middle period where I don’t know where the heck I’m going to live and I’ll probably have only a week and a half notice when I find out.

    So life feels slow right now, but at any moment, BOOM!

  6. Tomorrow I’m applying for two more jobs. One is 10 hours away, the other is 14 hours driving away.

    What am I getting myself into?

  7. Hmm… the job I applied for was taken offline. The one I was interviewed for yesterday. The one where I have some great connections. HMMMM…

  8. You guys… I’m turning down a TV job that would be seen by probably over a million people for a small-town gig I’m not even sure I’ll get.

    I’m freaking out…because this feels like the right decision.

  9. I got offered a job! Sweet!

    Only thing is, I don’t think I can make 4 television stories a week. Most jobs with this company do 2-3 a week.

    Plus it’s a year long contract, meaning they can drop me when it’s done.

    The pros are it’s in Vancouver. But I think the cons may outweigh it.

    I’m going to talk to one of my mentors, a news director I’ve been volunteering for the last little while.

  10. It’s really hard to find multiple broadcasting jobs in a small town, in both radio and television.

    That’s the problem my bf and I are having. I’m considering a job 10 hours away.

    But I just found a posting for a radio job I think he’d ROCK at in the same town! He better friggen apply.